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Foxy Funds, sneaky answers at IIM Lucknow Investment Summit

Views on Life & on Equity Investing

A friend of mine, Manish Dhawan of Mystic Wealth (www.mysticwealth.in) recently shared a not so nice experience that he had
at the IIM Lucknow 2017 Investment Summit. He penned down a note post
this experience, and later discarded his note as being insensitive.

I, on the contrary loved what Manish wrote and would like to share with you the truth
of his testimony.

There were four presenters:

Mr Porinju
Mr Anand Shah
Mr Prashant Jain
Mr Avinish Shah

We will focus on the presentation by Mr Anand Shah.( Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of
Investments at BNP Paribas Asset Management)

Mr Anand Shah gave his presentation explaining the philosophy, the
rigorous research that they undertake. The fact that, its not the earnings that matter but
the quality of that earning and sustainability of the same he said. On
being asked what would be his advise to…

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